About SATMA Awards

SATMA Awards brilliantly shine a light on South Africa's kaleidoscope of musical cultures, binding all races and ethnicities in a harmonious dance.

Dr Dumisani Goba passionately founded the vibrant South African Traditional Music Achievements (SATMA) Awards in 2005, launching them with flair in 2006. These awards brilliantly shine a light on South Africa’s kaleidoscope of musical cultures, binding all races and ethnicities in a harmonious dance. At SATMA, we don’t just celebrate; we actively champion unity and fervently challenge tribalism and any divisive undertones within our society.

SATMA Awards: The Pulse of South Africa’s Heritage Rooted in Unity: Hailing from every corner of our nation, the SATMA Awards proudly resonate with every race and culture. Anchored by our vibrant slogan, “My Culture, Your Culture, One Nation”, our vision shines brightly, weaving together all ethnicities and reaching out to Africans across the diaspora, all under the harmonious canopy of traditional music and heritage.

A Gathering of Stars: Through time, the SATMA stage has shimmered with the presence of luminaries. From the Former President of South Africa, His Excellency Jacob Zuma, to esteemed National Ministers, visionary business leaders, and revered Kings and Amakhosi, we’ve celebrated the best and brightest of our land.

Tributes to Giants: Our accolades rise harmoniously, praising legends who’ve shaped our world. Icons from our soil, like founding the president of the new South Africa, His Excellency Nelson Mandela and father of Black Consciousness, Steve Biko, to global pillars like Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi, have been honoured in our hallowed halls.

Odes to Musical Titans: From the enchanting notes of Merriam Makeba and Dolly Rathebe to the soulful rhythms of the Soul Brothers, we’ve revelled in and celebrated the symphonies of legends who’ve graced our musical tapestry. Champions of Language and Expression: Beyond the music, we salute the torchbearers in comedy, film, and literature. Those brilliant minds and voices amplify our indigenous languages, ensuring they resonate across every art form. Feel the rhythm. Experience the legacy. Celebrate our unity.