About e-SATMA

Welcome to the freshly minted SATMA website – your new portal to a rich tapestry of culture, fashion, style, and music in South Africa.

As we evolve and rebrand, we are delighted to transcend our established identity as a beacon for traditional music accolades, blossoming into a vibrant e-hub where culture meets modern convenience.

Now, E-SATMA stands as a dynamic digital nexus, offering not only the prestigious awards that have become synonymous with excellence in traditional music but also a captivating array of facets of South African culture — from high fashion to insightful expos such as the Kulture expo. We pride ourselves on being the custodians of the rich and diverse cultures that make South Africa an unparalleled destination to live, work, and play, embracing our role with a fresh vigour and renewed commitment.

Our fashion extravaganzas are set to dazzle you, showcasing the best of South African talent and weaving a rich mosaic where tradition meets contemporary flair. We invite you to immerse yourself in the intricate details of our Kulture Expo, a meticulous curation of the pinnacle of our nation’s heritage and a vivid celebration of the diversity that defines us.
The revitalised SATMA website offers you more than just information; it’s an immersive experience equipped with e-commerce capabilities, enabling a leisurely shopping experience from the comfort of your home.

Whether you are looking for the latest in traditional fashion attire or eager to discover the next big thing in music, our website serves as your one-stop destination, bridging the gap between tradition and contemporary and bringing the rich montage of South African culture directly to you, wherever you are.

Join us as we champion the multifaceted cultures that render South Africa a mosaic of vibrancy and diversity. We are more than just music awards; we are the heartbeat of South African culture. Let’s celebrate our heritage, united in diversity, and through our newfound digital hub, let us forge a community bound by rhythm, style, and the colourful spectrum of our shared cultural melange. Welcome to the home of culture; welcome to the new SATMA website.