SATMA Awards brilliantly shine a light on South Africa's kaleidoscope of musical cultures, binding all races and ethnicities in a harmonious dance.

Dr Dumisani Goba passionately founded the vibrant South African Traditional Music Achievements (SATMA) Awards in 2005, launching them with flair in 2006. These awards brilliantly shine a light on South Africa’s kaleidoscope of musical cultures, binding all races and ethnicities in a harmonious dance. At SATMA, we don’t just celebrate; we actively champion unity and fervently challenge tribalism and any divisive undertones within our society.

SATMA Awards: The Pulse of South Africa’s Heritage Rooted in Unity: Hailing from every corner of our nation, the SATMA Awards proudly resonate with every race and culture. Anchored by our vibrant slogan, “My Culture, Your Culture, One Nation”, our vision shines brightly, weaving together all ethnicities and reaching out to Africans across the diaspora, all under the harmonious canopy of traditional music and heritage.

A Gathering of Stars: Through time, the SATMA stage has shimmered with the presence of luminaries. From the Former President of South Africa, His Excellency Jacob Zuma, to esteemed National Ministers, visionary business leaders, and revered Kings and Amakhosi, we’ve celebrated the best and brightest of our land.

Tributes to Giants: Our accolades rise harmoniously, praising legends who’ve shaped our world. Icons from our soil, like founding the president of the new South Africa, His Excellency Nelson Mandela and father of Black Consciousness, Steve Biko, to global pillars like Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi, have been honoured in our hallowed halls.

Odes to Musical Titans: From the enchanting notes of Merriam Makeba and Dolly Rathebe to the soulful rhythms of the Soul Brothers, we’ve revelled in and celebrated the symphonies of legends who’ve graced our musical tapestry. Champions of Language and Expression: Beyond the music, we salute the torchbearers in comedy, film, and literature. Those brilliant minds and voices amplify our indigenous languages, ensuring they resonate across every art form. Feel the rhythm. Experience the legacy. Celebrate our unity.

Our Vision

• Better lives, Better families, Better communities and a better world through our hands.

• Unleash and develop traditional musicians by providing a platform that will recognise, honour, award and showcase their God given talent​

• Connecting various African ethnic and racial groups through the celebration of our diverse musical heritage as we combat tribalism and all the other divisive measures.

Our Mission

• To promote and develop traditional music across racial ethnic background.

• To encourage multi-cultural exchange amongst all the diverse citizens of South Africa and the world.

• To expose the richness of traditional music heritage nationally and globally.

• To preserve Traditional music

• To establish an international Traditional museum. (House of Fame, Library, Arts and Culture Hub. Cultural Heritage Learning Centre and Traditional Restaurant.

• To link with cultural organisations with similar objectives within our Nation and the world at large.

• To unearth musical talents through the staging of Road Shows in all the provinces

Core Values

• Integrity ​
• Integrity ​
• Commitment​
• Advocacy ​
• Respect ​
• Excellence ​
• Trust Worthy


SATMA VILL – Heritage & Culture City

South African Traditional Music Achievements (SATMA) Awards Mission Celebrating unity and our rich heritage, the SATMA Awards strive to bridge the gap between diverse ethnic groups and connect with Africans in the diaspora. Our history beams with luminaries and iconic figures, having hosted the families of legends such as Dr. Martin Luther King, Dr. Nelson Mandela, Chief Albert Luthuli, Malcolm X, and stars like Harry Belafonte and Lucky Dube, among others.

Beyond glittering events, SATMAs drive change. We fuel employment, seed skill transfers, and empower communities at their core. Our purpose is clear: to elevate South African traditional music on the global stage, having honoured over 100 legendary and emerging artists. The growth and success of myriad groups and individuals can trace their roots to the SATMA Awards.

Our unique Road Show programs allow us to connect deeply with communities, echoing our commitment to Corporate Social Investment (CSI).

The SATMAs attract over 9,000 traditional music enthusiasts, celebrities, and cultural champions each year. Annually, the awards inject an impressive +/- R30m into the local economy during the primary event weekend (excluding during the Covid-19 pandemic).

Our journey has seen us light up provinces such as KwaZulu-Natal (KZN), Eastern Cape, North West, and Mpumalanga. Born 18 years ago in KZN, we’re excited to come full circle, anchoring our ceremonies there from 2023 to 2025. This period culminates in our grand 20th- anniversary celebration. As we reflect on our illustrious journey, our focus sharpens on offering an unparalleled experience whilst furthering KZN Province’s socio-economic goals.

SATMA Awards: Igniting Pride in Traditional Music

The SATMA Awards have revolutionised the South African music industry, breathing respect, dignity, and energy into the genre of traditional music. Here’s a snapshot of the palpable impact the SATMA Awards have made:

Financial Boost: Reinvigorated the industry by directing over R20 million to musicians. Employment Generation: Kindled over 2,500 job opportunities, enhancing the economic pulse.

Rewards Beyond Cash: Adorned winners with over 10 vehicles, a symbol of their musical triumphs.

Global Stages: Our Siyabalanda Campaign Programme has provided radio presenters with a window to the world.

Launching Stars: Amplified voices like the late SABA Mbixane, Mondli Mzizi, Felix Hlophe, and many others, from nominees to celebrated stars.
Community Connect: The SATMA Awards Roadshows have been a platform for thousands of emerging artists.

Tributes: Erected a tombstone in honour of Maskandi music’s founder, Phuzushukela. Homage to Freedom Fighters: Celebrated over 50 luminaries, including Inkosi Albert Luthuli and Steve Biko.

Musical Maestros: Honoured over 100 legends such as Mahlathini, Lucky Dube, and the world-famous Ladysmith Black Mambazo.

Diaspora Connections: Recognised over 30 influential Africans from abroad, including figures like former US President Barack Obama and Malcolm X.
Massive Economic Surge: Injected close to R500 million into South Africa’s economy through diverse channels.

Community Outreach: The street parades have seen a turnout of over half a million participants, celebrating in unison.

In essence, the SATMA Awards have celebrated music and championed unity, cultural pride, and economic growth.

SATMA Awards:
A Panoramic Reach

Television Impact: The SATMA Awards dazzle with over 5 million viewers on SABC TV during the main broadcast. This figure, impressively sustained across four annual repeats on SABC 1, highlights our ability to captivate the audience consistently. Media Magnet: Our main event becomes a hub, attracting approximately 40 distinct media houses annually.

Digital Footprint

Social Media: A robust outreach touches 1.5 million users, with our events frequently topping trending charts in recent years.

• Website Engagement: Boasting around 1 million clicks and an equally impressive subscription tally.

• Text Communications: Over 500,000 messages, ensuring constant interaction.

• Email Outreach: A staggering 300,000 bulk email communications amplify our presence.

Billboard Presence

Our message radiates nationwide, with 900 electronic billboards amplifying our reach.

Ground Impact

Our roadshows, a testament to our grassroots commitment, engage over 100,000 people annually.

Radio Waves

Annually, the SATMAs resonate with an audience of around 6 million through radio broadcasts.

Youth Appeal

Surprisingly, the SATMA Awards magnetise a vast number of young enthusiasts from every nook and cranny of the nation, consolidating a fiercely loyal fanbase. The SATMA Awards not only celebrate music but ensure its voice is heard, seen, and experienced across many platforms, leaving an indelible mark.


12 000 000 +

R12 Million Paid To Musicians

100 +

Honoured Freedom Fighters

10 +

Vehicles Won

100 +

Honoured Legends

Tourism &

• SATMA Awards is beyond an entertainment show but also playing a very pivotal role in South Africa’s economy. This event comes to a province and lives a big footprint and changes its Socio-Economic spin off. ​​

• Every business existing in the province experiences an amazing profit in just one weekend.

• SATMA Awards is a unique project which touches lives of ordinary people. This project is embraced by many South Africans that loves their living heritage. ​

• SATMA Awards gives people of South Africa employment & Business opportunities to make a living and provide for their families. ​

• Each person attending the SATMA Awards spends a minimum of R3 600 over SATMA Awards weekend which means as we host about 35 000 people over the weekend SATMA Awards generate a minimum of R126 600 over and above the businesses around the

• International exposure via campaigns like Siyabalanda


A SATMA program that takes Africa to the World and bring the World to Africa.​ The SATMA Awards has in the past invited delegates from all over the world including local distinguished guests – to name a few​.

Chief Albert Luthuli, Steve Biko, Dr. Nelson Mandela, Mama Albertina Sisulu, Rev Dr. Jessie Jackson, Former President of Ghana Kwame Nkrumah’s family and we have hosted, Former President Obama’s Family, Martin Luther ​Siyabalanda is a program that creates opportunities to both Artists and South Africa (Economic Development and Tourism) The SATMAs invites the SABC Radio stations to promote our local programs and are given a chance to broadcast internationally. ​

Therefore, Siyabalanda has opened a lot of opportunities outside of it being a music program but also created relationships outside of our beautiful country. ​



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