Expo Kulture

SATMA Expo Kulture

South African Heritage in Spotlight

SATMA Expo Kulture stands as a hallmark event, unfolding the rich narrative of South African heritage through a vivid showcase of arts, crafts, fashion, and traditional cuisines. This annual exhibition creates a space for both new and established small businesses to exhibit indigenous products and services.

The event promises a curated aesthetic, with carefully arranged stands and handpicked exhibitors maintaining a high-quality representation of the nation’s culture and diversity. More than just an exhibition, it is a vibrant celebration echoing the heart of eMzansi.

Our Mission with SATMA Expo Kulture:

To foster a nurturing space for artists and crafters at all career levels.

– To spotlight the best of Southern Africa’s tourism products, aspiring to become a must-visit event in the eMzansi calendar.

– To enable on-site sales of quality commercial arts and crafts.

– The exhibition benefits various sectors significantly and is envisaged to become a hub of growth and opportunities, fostering business development by providing networking avenues, job creation, and offering new prospects in the employment market. It’s a spotlight for the entertainment industry, showcasing South African talents and contributing to economic growth by promoting local artisans and entrepreneurs.

We invite locals and international visitors, along with media from across the globe, to witness the grandeur of South African heritage narrated through artistry and tradition at SATMA Expo Kulture. Join us as we celebrate a culture vibrant in diversity and rich in history, ushering in a promising future through unity and appreciation. Together, we build more than an event; we create a legacy.

Our target

They want to Celebrate their culture/ who they are.

Very loyal to their culture and their music in their language

They’re greatly and easily influenced by advertising.

SATMA Awards speaks to everyone who has a belonging/ an Identity .