Founders Note

A Vibrant Tapestry of Unity

The SATMA Awards journey stands as one of the most challenging endeavours I’ve undertaken, yet it has been richly rewarding. My dream was to bridge the diverse ethnic divides, transcending political and religious affiliations and sharing this vision with South Africans, the African continent, and the world. With deep conviction, I believe the walls of

tribalism, racism, and discrimination must crumble. The melodic strains of our mother tongue music possess the unparalleled power to touch our souls and draw us closer. Over the past 15 years, I’ve watched the tapestry of unity unfold at SATMA events, with people from myriad backgrounds singing, dancing, and sharing moments of camaraderie.

I’ve been privileged to see cultural groups of diverse ethnic origins unite in vibrant harmony at our events. Though there’s much more ground to cover, the path ahead gleams with promise. I envisage a world where we see the human spirit first, unfettered by labels such as Xhosa, Tsonga, Ndebele, Khoi San, or others. Where the colour of our skin becomes irrelevant, and we’re united by our shared humanity, love, and faith. The enthusiastic participation of the youth at our events offers a glimpse into a hopeful future. In this world, we can celebrate our shared heritage without the constraints of racial or ethnic labels.

During my tenure as the CEO, I collaborated with a vibrant mosaic of ethnicities, nurturing my love for our rich cultures and languages and recognising the universal thread of humanity that binds us all. Our heritage is not just our pride but our beacon for the future. It urges us to embrace our roots, cherish our music and cultures, and see the vast potential within. Leveraging our heritage, we can drive economic growth, forge new opportunities, and eventually elevate our heritage to its rightful place as a cornerstone of our nation’s economy. The wave of support the SATMA Awards has garnered over the years is a testament to its impact. We sincerely thank our foundational partners, including loyalists like Ukhozi FM, uMhlobo Wenene, National Heritage Council of South Africa, SABC, and others who believed in our vision. A heartfelt nod to our early corporate pillars, such as Old Mutual, ABSA KZN, and a plethora of others who lent their invaluable support.

Our journey has been buoyed by the tireless efforts of many luminaries, from the late Prof. Joseph Shabalala to Mr. Welcome Bhodloza Nzimande and countless others. Their invaluable contributions have shaped the SATMA Awards, turning it into a symbol of our nation’s pride. Our story is one of unity, celebration, and love. Let’s continue weaving this beautiful tapestry of harmony.

In unity and music,

Dr. Dumisani Goba